Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wedding Pictures and Video

For those of you who have been waiting as anxiously as I have for the wedding pictures from the photographer and the highlight video from the videographer here are the links to both

The video is

and the pictures are on Chelsie's Blog at

There will be more pictures but here are the ones we can see as of now. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who Knew?!?!?!

1. Who knew that watching the sun rise each morning on the way to work would become one of my FAVORITE parts of the day?

2. Who knew that moving from an OLD school building into a brand NEW one would bring so many new challenges and opportunities all at the same time?

3. Who knew that a summer could CREEP by so slowly and FLY by so fast all at the same time?

4. Who knew that lasagna needs TWO jars of sauce?

5. Who knew that one awesome man could snore SO LOUD?

6. Who knew that a one stall garage could clear out one WHOLE room in our apartment and still have room for my car?

7. Who knew that we could make so many trips to TARGET to get 'one more thing?'

8. Who knew that a weekend with NOTHING planned could be so productive and relaxing?

9. Who knew that when your cell phone dies at 4:37AM it BEEPS really loud every 5 minutes until you find out where the noise is coming from, find the phone and plug it in?

10. Who knew that God would provide so many awesome surprises in such a short time and answer some prayers that have been LONG standing?