Monday, July 26, 2010

Much Needed Update

So being that I am a teacher and I have the summer off, my dad would say that is a cush perk and that I do nothing. . . Contrary to popular belief and the evidence of this blog not being updated in a month, I have been very busy so here are updates in no particular order. . .

1. We will not be homeless as of Sunday! We rented a cute little yellow house (look for pics another time) here in Fergus and are excited to see where God leads us in the next year.

2. Aimee and I successfully attended the Kornowicz family reunion where we were able to meet two of the cutest kids I have ever seen, spend time with family, and even dealt with a plane snafu on our own! It was a short trip and boy two mornings up at 4am is no longer my style (and yes our bags made it! Ask me for the full story. . . )

3. I am still loving my nanny kids! I am so thankful that God provided the opportunity for me to work with/for them and continue to move down the road to a debt free life faster.

4. We saw Ryan's aunt, uncle, and cousins from Oregon and had so much fun including TWO fish frys in one week (Grandpa is the best fish frier-upper man I have ever met, good thing he had enough fish, right Grandma?? :-) )

5. I attended my classroom of the future training and am SUPER excited to see how I can use the laptops to extend the learning of my kids, which believe it or not, I am excited to meet.

6. We are in the stages of packing and holy moly do we have a lot of things! If anyone wants to come help this Saturday, you are more than welcome. (Kim and Tristen, count this your personal invitation :-) )

7. We attended a wedding last weekend and had a super-fun time seeing not only

Old, dear, (what am I 80?!?) great college friends but also Eric and Mel who let us stay at their house and we miss them and wish they lived closer!

8. What's on tap?: Well moving, packing, cleaning, nannying, a little school work, more reading, unpacking, maybe another wedding, our anniversary, going to the cities for labor day, you know, the boring life of us!

Needless to say we have been super busy and I wish you could see my hubby right now as he stands in the kitchen wearing red shorts, an orange t-shirt, holding his binoculars with the backpack carrier thing just trying it out. . . Super funny! He's fashionable, what can I say. . .