Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Leo and I had planned to go spend the week with Katie, Mollie, and Bret.  We had our plane ticket bought so we could fly down early in the week and our plan was for Ryan to join us on Friday.  Due to the unexpected turn of events last week and my parents being in Jamaica we ended up with a few more people at Katie's than planned. Tim, Crosby, and Aimee joined the fun. 
We. Had. A. Blast.  We didn't go anywhere or do anything but it was so fun.  It was so what we needed.  God is so good in his ability to fill our tanks as we head into hard things.  
 Spent lots of time snuggling.
Taught all of the little the awesomness that are shamrock shakes.

 Watched and laughed as our littles played together.
 Took the crazies outside for some time in the fresh air.
 Everyone needed some time outside.  Even those who had to borrow pink shoes. 
 Ate. And ate. And ate.  (Katie is an awesome cook just like my mom)
 Took "selfies" (after I learned what the term meant of course)

And then of course, there was the eaten crayon. . . No week would be complete without a little mischief.
We are so thankful for family and the love that surrounds us.  We know that God has a plan in all of this and we are just so thankful to have such awesome people by our side.

Friday, March 1, 2013


Words.  I have a lot of them.  Some of them are stronger than others. I just can't seem to get them into a whole lot of order.  I have verses and stories and songs.  Questions and diets and supplement suggestions and the whole nine yards.  I have lots of words, I just can't get them right to talk about how I feel.
Angry- doesn't quite do it justice
Sad- doesn't quite explain enough
Afraid- will never explain an iota of the feeling that threatens to take over my life.  if i let it.  IF I let it.  IF I LET IT.
Guess what?!?!  I WON'T let it.  I CAN'T let it.
You see, God has already begun to remind me of his faithfulness and willingness to provide.  Example 1- Earlier this week I made plans to have lunch with The Ulrich's (a family I nannyed for a couple of summers up in Fargo) today.  God knew I would need that lunch.  Need to see these awesome people.  Need to have my heart feel light after having a heavy day yesterday.  Example 2- my phone, Facebook, and email have been absolutely bombarded with messages of love and support.  God knew I would need each and every one of these too.  Example 3- Peace.  I know I have talked about this before but I am finding peace in what is happening.  Only God can give this peace.  It can only happen when the body of Christ lifts you up in prayer.  I know that people are bringing my family to the throne minute by minute because I am able to have that unfathomable peace.  So blessed to have the most amazing team of prayer warriors.
For today I am simply going to choose to say Get behind US Satan!  (yes, us.  Jesus and me). Jesus will be my Rock and my Redeemer.  My Healer.  My Helper.  My Very Present Help.  My Comforter.  My Shepard.  My Light.  He will help me to take that fear and doubt that you love so much and crush it under his mighty hand.  For today simply: Thank you Jesus for this opportunity to trust you more.