Monday, May 25, 2009

Fishing, Family, and 9 Days!

We spent this past weekend at Ryan's parents house. It was graduation weekend in Henning and he had a graduation party he wanted to go to so we spent the weekend in Henning. Friday we actually stayed here in Alex and watched the awake the lakes festival fireworks. Saturday we drove to Henning and Ryan and Kim showed me how to "golf" in the back yard. (I put the quotation marks because I just don't know that what Ryan was doing was actually called golfing. Dad, we've got some work to do!) We then went fishing with Ryan's grandpa and his uncle. Ryan and I had a bet on the deal about who would catch the first fish and while he won the dollar and my fish was bigger, Grandpa put us all to shame! We went out fishing on Sunday night and while I had a lot of fun I decided that God made me good at a lot of things and fishing is just not one! I like to go out there but I refuse to touch the fish and don't even ask me about cleaning them (I sit inside with Ryan's grandma and eat chocolate chip cookies :). You can see in the picture, Ryan's grandpa is holding my fish (it is the bigger one).

Keep praying for baby Reese, she is doing better but there are a lot of uncertainties with her conditions and as you can imagine, her parents are nervous and it is hard to be patient when all of this concerns your 6 day old baby. Pray for peace and trust for Allie and Brian. God has a plan and he always provides.

9 Days! Report cards, class lists, reading graphs, packing and much more to do but it will get done... Here's to hoping the teacher can contain her excitement as the students get more and more antsy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

God Is Good!

God is SO GOOD! Baby Reese had Surgery today and they determined that it is not Spina Bifida but it is a benign tumor on her spine. They took most of the tumor off and she is doing well. Pray for Allie, Reese's mom, she has not had a chance to rest and recuperate and is in a lot of pain. She is now with her baby but is not able to hold her until tomorrow. GOD WORKS MIRACLES!

Lots of Things!

Lots of updates today! Before I say anything else I am asking for your prayers for my sister's friend (and my friend too) whose baby was born yesterday with spina bifida. Baby Reese was born yesterday and it was discovered after she was born and she had surgery today. Pray for healing angels to surround Reese and for God's grace, mercy, and comfort to surround her parents Allie and Brian.

We had our engagement pictures taken this weekend and they are FABULOUS!!!! Check them out at We LOVE them and are so excited for Chelsie to take our wedding pictures!

Yesterday was also Ryan's birthday. We both took the day off to relax and accomplish some things that we never get to do because we are only together on weekends. We ran a whole bunch of errands and then came back here for dinner and cake. Here is Ryan with his cake and all 24 of his candles although I think my mom is the only one of all of us that sang him the true Happy Birthday song. . . (I sang my shortened, condensed version which requires very little singing which is a good thing) Ryan helped me seal up invitations last night too so those are all done! I feel like I am accomplishing so much but I know there is still so much to do! 12 days of school and then I am free! May you have a great week with whatever the Lord throws your way.