Thursday, April 4, 2013


Easter celebrations started Saturday night with dying of easter eggs.  Papa just needed an assistant and Leo was much obliged to help.  He took eggs from one dye to the next happily until he became the mighty egg crusher when he decided to crush eggs with one hand.  Then his work ended quickly as he not only crushed eggs with one hand but tried to flip bowls of dye.

Leo and Mom on Easter morning.  Aren't you glad Auntie Katie made him get the hat.??

 Leo quickly found his easter basket at Grammie and Papa's and was more than excited about the bubbles!

My sweet friend Holly and I found these mustaches at the mall.  I.  just.  couldn't. resist.  He was so funny!  Just left it on and played.  He knows he is cute. . . they both do actually. . . kind of scary.
 Family pictures.

Coordinating everyone is getting harder these days but Leo wanted to show off his latest skill: standing on his own :-)
We are so thankful for Easter.  We are thankful for Jesus and the price he paid for us.  We are thankful for the hope that comes with that empty tomb.  So thankful!