Thursday, January 9, 2014

How to Eat a Cupcake

Yesterday was Papa's birthday!  We made him cupcakes and I showed him how to eat them!

First, you lick a little frosting, just to make sure you like it.

 Then you bite a little deeper.  This lets you get cake and frosting in the same bite.  
 Then you simply start to shovel it in.
 The more you get in there at one time the better.
 Chew.  Chew.  Chew.
 And don't worry about getting messy.
 You can clean up when you are all done!
 Happy Birthday Papa!  Thanks for celebrating with us.  Love, Leoeo

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Part 3

We wrapped up Christmas with some time spent at the White House.  We got a new camera so prepare for picture overload :-)
There were snuggles with Uncle Ran Dog/Daddy
 Gift openings:
 Mollie and Claire's dress up bin was a big hit!  With everyone:
 We played in the snow a few times.  "Red Guy" chose to stay indoors after screaming through his first sledding experience:
 But these two were troopers and had a blast:
 There were Auntie Aimee snuggles:
 And Auntie Lannie snuggles:
 Cousin Breakfasts:

 and dress up:
 We even got the chance to help Big Papa celebrate his 27th birthday (again!!)

Mr. Sweet Tooth himself:
 Ohh these two were having quite a time together:  
 I can't get over the fact that they will never be this precious again:

 I can't say enough how blessed we are to be a part of this! Christmas was a tough couple of days for me with shingles and everything else but these people can make light of anything and we are so blessed to call them family!
 And this is what we call herding cats (five kiddos age 2 and under trying to get a picture):

Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Part 2

On Monday the 22, we headed up to Henning for our second Christmas celebration!  Leo was great in the car thanks to a little veggie tales and glow sticks!

We spent time with Grandma Martha on Chrstmas Eve.

 Leo got to open a few presents Chrstmas Eve afternoon so he had new toys to play with.  He loved the skid steer!

He had to wait until Christmas Day to open the rest of his gifts.  The adults had opened gifts on Christmas Eve after he went to bed and he absolutely did not hate having everyone's attention on him while he opened his gifts!

 I think its safe to say his two favorite gifts were his chair and the farm book that Grandma made!

Leo read the farm book to grandma lots of times. . . 
We are so blessed that all of Ryan's family was there to celebrate together!

Leo sure loves Grandma and Grandpa! He had to be in his chair to be photographed with them though. 

Merry Christmas from the Millers!