Thursday, June 24, 2010


Last weekend we went to Atlantic where my brother-in-law Bret's amazing family lives. . . We left Fargo at 3:00 on Friday and arrived around 10:00pm. We ate dinner in the car and Aimee stopped at the cafeshowercasino to go to the bathroom. Saturday morning took the girls to Walnut, Iowa to an antique walk (5K right Aimee?) I bought kettlecorn, everyone else came home with some kind of trinket. . . and the boys were off to Omaha to see the College World Series. Ryan got asked if he played football for Iowa State and he said yes, some guy also asked Randy if he "could still take him" the guy thought Ryan was Randy's son, wonder why :) They also had two girls behind them that the affectionately nicknamed Michelle and Aimee. . . think youngest child, blond college students if you don't know Michelle and Aimee :-) We then met up for dinner in Omaha which is where the pictures begin. . .

The Adults---- Chris, Fran, Jill, Randy

The "Kids" ---- Ryan, Leanne, Aimee, Michelle, Bret, Katie

Aimee and Michelle with their prize from dinner. . . THE LOAF

Aimee crashing the Euken's picture. . .
More subtly crashing our picture
Aimee wanting a picture with Ryan. . .

Take two of Aimee and Ryan
So if you know me, you know that I am not scared of heights, nor am I scared of water but for some reason bridges scare the crap out of me! Yes that is right, the crap out of me. Ryan decided that it would be good for me to get over my fear and walk across this bridge but I was not convinced.

Ryan doing his best to get me to conquer my fear. . .
The rest of the group walking in the middle (Bret is in Yellow and Ryan is in Red) after I mysteriously disappeared :) (more like hightailed it the other way as soon as Ryan took his eyes off me)

The people that I raced back to sit with and watch the kids play in the fountain. . . (my dad is in the red with the white hat)
needless to say, good try Ryan, I am glad you were in two states at once, I still don't like bridges.
Thank you to Jill & Randy who let us stay at their house and fed us absolutely wonderful food! We are blessed that you are part of our family! And of course, we LOVE spending us some time with the Whites and the Muscavegas Eukens :-) :-)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

To the man who believed in me when others said I was not good enough. . .
Who listened to my ridiculous tears and my fears and was never too busy to fix them. . .

Who wrote me letters encouraging me and telling me how much he loved me that I still keep in my bible. . . Who taught me how to work hard. . .
Who means the world to me. . .

Life Lessons

You may have thought I didn’t see, or that I hadn’t heard,
Life lessons that you taught to me, but I got every word.
Perhaps you thought I missed it all, and that we’d grow apart,
But Dad, I picked up everything, it’s written on my heart.
Without you, Dad, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today;
You built a strong foundation, no one can take away.
I’ve grown up with your values, and I’m very glad I did;
So here’s to you, dear father, from your forever grateful kid.

And to the guy who has let me become his favorite daughter-in-law :-)

Happy Fathers Day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Fun

I am so glad that it is summer!
*School finished without a hitch and I really will miss this class of kids, they are just well-behaved, eager to learn kids (for the most part) and I really enjoyed being their teacher this year!
*Gracie got out of the hospital after being there for about 4 days and is now working hard to keep growing and getting better every day.
*WE ARE MOVING!. . . . we don't know where but we put in our 2 month notice June 1
*We are still uncertain about where we will be next year and we are praying that God would put us where he wants us.
*I had an awesome birthday and was able to go to the twins game with my hubby.
*I now spend my days with two awesome kids and things are going great so far! (not to mention that I don't have to drive both ways every day and I have someone to talk to!!!) Sydney is 10 and likes any kind of sport, she also enjoys playing with her brother and works hard to make sure everyone is listened to and included in a conversation. She also loves to be outside. Wyatt is 6 and absolutely hilarious. He is going to buy a ram 1500 when he grows up and put monster truck wheels on it so he can drive over anything. He also wants to drive semis and instruction (construction) vehicles on his farm and haul dirt. (he asks lots of questions about Ryan's farm and can't wait for the day Ryan will let him come sit in the instruction machines at the shop) He is very observant and likes to play with cars and trucks and likes to be outside and be active. He was playing with a car the other morning and I made a comment about how loud his car noises were and he simply looked at me and said "well you know Leanne, it is a Porsche." I guess he is right Porche's call for extremely loud car noises :)
*I am excited to see my family this weekend! We haven't seen Bret & Katie since Christmas and I don't know if he is more excited to see them, to see the college world series game, or to see the Euken Farm in Hotlantic. . .

Monday, June 7, 2010


This peanut here is Gracie.
Gracie is my friend Patty that I teach with's daughter. Gracie was born April 2 and is now sick and in the hospital. They don't know what is making her sick and I am asking that you pray for Patty, Brian, and Gracie. God is BIG and he does BIG things and we are asking that you would send up some prayers so that Gracie can go home and her parents can know what is happening with her. I mean seriously, who can resist that little smirk?!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

bLONG Blog

Lots of random things to blog about today. The first has to be this homework that was turned in today "Travis uset to be pour but now he is rick from doing all the funnralls." I asked her to read it to me and she said "Travis used to be poor but now he is rich from doing all the funerals" So glad my spelling instruction has been thoroughly applied this year!

Last weekend these two got to go to Target Field and watch the Twins win.

He made sure he was ready for the sun!
And we went fishing with Grandpa. Here is Ryan's catch: My catch is pictured in the background of the picture. . . That blue stuff :-) Yep I caught water. I couldn't even get weeds!

We also have been doing more planting at school:
And I have had more reasons to wear these and not get my feet dirty! Don't give me grief about the sweatshirt either, it was hot and cold and hot and cold all day.
And finally: Wyatt has been learning tricks from Ryan!