Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day!  Leo and I spent the day being loved on by Grammie and Auntie Aimee.  We also got to skype with GGP (Great Grandma Poturalski), Auntie Katie, crazy cousin Mollie, rolly Crosby, and also wish Uncle Tim a happy birthday. 

I am so thankful to all of my prayer warriors out there.  If you have a few extra prayers would you pray for some sweet friends of mine:

S: Has hodgkins lymphoma and is nearing the end of her treatment.  Pray for peace for her as they do scans and she completes treatment.

H: Has breast cancer and is pregnant.  She could use prayer for these two things but more so, she has a little angel in heaven waiting for her and Friday is the one year anniversary of her little girl leaving this world and entering into Jesus' glorious presence.  Pray for peace and love to abide in her life this week.

N: Her mom was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  Pray for peace and continued faith in God's plan.

Lastly, on this Valentine's Day, a reminder:

Saturday, February 11, 2012

One Month!

 Leo is one month old already!  Can you believe it?!?! We sure can't!  After 1 night in the NICU and 27 days in the Special Care Nursery Leo got to come home on February 6.  We were super excited to bring him home but a little nervous too.  We had a few days of adjustment where Leo didn't eat so great and Ryan and I learned what sleep deprived feels like but we seem to be figuring things out. . .
I can't ever thank the Special Care Nursery staff enough.  When you spend time somewhere for 27 straight days, multiple times a day, you really get to know how it works and the nurses there ROCK!  Some of Leo's favorite nurses were Colleen, Susan, Chris, Peggy, Kathleen, and Kathy.  What an awesome feeling it is to have confidence in the people you leave your child with each day/night.
We had a pediatrician appointment this week as well as an eye doctor appointment.  The pediatrician said everything looks great, she just wants to do weight checks for the next few weeks to make sure he is eating enough.  The eye doctor said Leo's eyes are 96% mature and his retinas look great (preemies are at risk for eye troubles. . . Leo's risks are low but they still check him anyway).  We go back to the eye dr. in 5 weeks.  

Now on to the one month stats and fun stuff:
Weight 5lb 5oz
Length 18.5 in

Being home with Mom and Dad

 His carseat

Being a big boy and helping hold his own bottle

 A hand on his head as he tries to calm down

His pacifier.

Getting his diaper changed while hungry
Pooping :-(
Waiting to eat
Spending too much time alone.

Leo, you are a true miracle and God has worked in your little body in BIG ways in the last month.  We are so thankful for you and blessed to be your parents.  We are going to love watching you grow and seeing what God has planned for your life!  We love you!