Friday, February 21, 2014

Catch Up

Time goes fast!  Add a toddler, husband, and a demanding medical issue and you get me.  The way behind, well meaning mama who wants to keep an updated blog but can't always get posts written on time.  So sometimes we just have to play catch up.  
After birthday celebrations, thank yous are a must.  In order to create said picture, a photoshoot must commence.  Birthday shirt is put back on, M&Ms are out and used for bribery for smiles and cheers and try as hard as you wish but some pictures just end up like this:

And because one photoshoot isn't quite enough for a day, you might try to throw a valentine's day photoshoot in there too because well, why wouldn't you?! Much of that photoshoot might be spent like this:

Because no matter how much you try to convince your two year old that he "wheelie wheelie wheelie"  loves photoshoots and smiling, he might just get distracted by the wheels surrounding him.  Or, he might spend an insane amount of said photoshoot practicing his winking:

Again, why wouldn't you!  And then because things are not quite crazy enough, your medical issue might decide to flare hugely and land you in the hospital for an extended stay.  Praise the Lord, Grandma and Grandpa were able to come hang with Leo for a few days:

Since my release from the hospital and current status of unable to drive, we have been spending a lot of time at home.  The picture below features two of Leo's favs.  Fixing with his tools, and his "buck jammies:"

And this one captures his other fav right now, DADDY:

When said medical issue landed me in the hospital, the social worker and one of my doctors were SUPER nice to Leo and brought him two stuffed animals as well as a bag of crayons, stickers, and coloring books.  He thought visiting mom and seeing her "big guy bed" and getting presents was great.  Therefore, Leo has some new "guys" he'd like you to meet.  From left to right we proudly introduce Henry, Toby, and John Deere.

John Deere was a build a bear whom Leo "filled up" due to a kind gift card from a loving family member!  Leo is a great "daddy" to these guys and gives the best snuggles lay-ons:

 Because we spend so much time at home, we read a lot.  Leo's favorite books right now are Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Gorilla (which he "read" to me yesterday word for word all by himself!) and his Bible.  The bible is actually quite an obsession and I can only pray that his thirst for God's word is that intense the rest of his life.  He also spends quite a bit of time reading to the guys.  This time it was his other fav,  the farm book from Grandma, but they don't seem to be picky.   They tend to travel around in the basket in the back of the picture:

And he doesn't always need the guys to read to.  Many times he curls up just by himself to check out the books:

Things have been so busy around here lately that our diet has taken a bit of a hit.  We have found time however to test various flavors of doughnuts so that when cousin Mollie comes to visit we can pick the perfect one to share with her.  Wait, who are we kidding, we would never share like split a doughnut. . . We mean share like tell her which kind she should pick:

And Leo seems to have gotten over some of his fear of snow!!  He has spent quite a bit of time outside this week.  Shoveling and pushing snow with his skid steer.  Check out his equipment:

The days might seem long but we are learning that the years are going way too fast.  We are trying to live in the moment and capture fun on a daily basis.  I'm glad you stuck with us as we caught you up on what has been happening here lately.  We are thankful that God continues to provide and calm our hearts in unfathomable ways.   We are extremely thankful for an excellent medical team and their ability to help us tackle whatever issue comes up.  We never know what tomorrow might bring but we know that we have an ever loving, always providing, faithful God who loves us and wants what is best for us.    And all the while, we get to learn about what it is like to experience life through these eyes:

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Right Now

I have other posts to write and pictures to share but this is what is happening outside my door right now:

It is 6:36 and Ryan was out shoveling.  Leo asked to go play outside.  So I said sure.  When I peeked to see what they were doing I spied a little boy trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue.  Zoom in to see the  tongue:

Snow much fun:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Leo's Birthday Part 2

The weekend after Leo's actual birthday we had Leo's Birthday Round 2!  Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Kim, and Auntie Kari came to help us celebrate.  We went to the Children's Museum and had tons of fun.
Leo showed Grandpa the animals in the water:

He and Grandma painted a picture and then used a paintbrush hooked up to a drill to mix up all the colors:

Of course he found the one broom in the place and proceeded to sweep:

And at times I wasn't sure who was having more fun, Leo or the adults:

Leo loves his Aunties and was so thankful they could come play with him:

 Leo loves Grandma and Grandpa too:

He showed everyone how to mix in the kitchen.  Nevermind that he was using laundry soap:

When we got home it was time for presents:

And pizza and cake:
Leo picked out his very own cake (funfetti) and also chose the electric blue frosting.  It was so fun having Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Kari, and Auntie Kim here to celebrate Leo!  

Leo is 2!

I can't believe I never blogged about Leo's birthday!  Oops!  Better late than never, right?!
Leo turned two on January 10.  I don't know where the last two years have gone but it is so much fun being this little guy's mama and it was fun to celebrate him and make him feel special.  
We spent most of our day at Grammie and Papa's house.  He got to open his presents in the afternoon.  He got a car carrier:
 A semi hauling a skid steer and a roller:
 A bible that he is absolutely OBSESSED with:

 and a tricycle:

I think we made the right choice in gifts:

We decided to have one of Leo's favorites for dinner.  Hamburgers!  Here are the boys:

And the girls at the Golden Nugget: 

They brought Leo a birthday dessert.  He thought he was hot stuff.  Here he is trying to blow out the candle:

He was pretty sure he was going to eat it all himself:

Leo is an active guy!  He loves to run, ride his bike, shoot hoops, read books, color with markers and crayons, do stickers, play play dough, and play cars/trucks.  He is super verbal and amazes us with the words he knows and things he remembers.  Leo says so many words that I couldn't even estimate how many words he knows.  He knows his colors, most shapes, and can count (one, two, five, seven, eight, ten). 
Leo you are an absolute joy to be around. We are so blessed that God chose us to be your parents. You bring laughter and energy wherever you go.  We love you like crazy and we know that God loves you so much more than we ever could.  We love your strong will and know that even though it is frustrating at times right now, we will appreciate it as you grow.  We pray that you continue to grow and learn and that you someday choose to make your faith your own. 
Happy 2nd Birthday Leo Christopher!