Monday, May 31, 2010

short post. . . mainly for my mom

Here are pictures of the quilt to commemorate the first year of Woodland School. It has the name of every student on it . . I know you wanted to see them and I knew other people might like them too. more pictures and blogging to come when time slows down a little.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Half-Marathon Day!

Today was half-marathon day! We finished! We ran most of the way! We were excited! Here are some photos of our journey:


Aimee and I at the beginning:

Mile 5 Still Feeling Good:

Mile 8 still in it together:

Crossing the finish line holding hands and proud:

Here are some things I learned along my training and running journey:
1. An Ipod is a lifesaver and can keep you running when you think you can’t anymore.
2. You will feel like crying at some point during the 13.1 miles
, that’s okay.
3. The people who cheer you on alon
g the way are wonderful whether you know them or not.
4. Rain won’t kill you, neither will wind or hills.
5. Ice is a great friend after the race!
6. Miles 1-6 are great, the rest SUCK!
7. Good shoes are a must.

8. Good company is also a must.
9. Never wear patterned leggings as
a runner, they make your butt look huge. . .
10. God will give you the strength to do whatever you set your mind to.
11. The food at the end is good and there is n
o guilt whatsoever!
12. Seeing yourself on a jumbotron can make you smile at the very end.
13. You might do it again even if you
said you wouldn’t right after the race. . .

I also need to thank my rock who supported me on every training run and took care of me when I felt yucky after some runs. He stood out in the rain, getting soaked, just to watch us start and then met us at mile 5 when we needed a friendly face and again at mile 8 to encourage us when it was getting tough. He found us at the end and was proud of us and we thank him for being our picture taker and supporter although he did not get in front of the camera today.