Friday, March 7, 2014


Last week we had a long anticipated chance to catch up with our buddies! .  We had plans to take the littles to the trampoline park and jump our jiggles out!  The weather ended up being super cold and for some reason the trampoline park did not open.  Bummer!  Rather than turn around and head back home we decided to head for "old faithful." Tot time at the community center.
These three had quite the fun time!

They jumped.
 Rode scooters,

Ladies, beware! This one will break hearts someday!

After spending time running and chasing we went to the play structure to climb.

 and  both  of us mamas found ourselves up in the play structure where the only way out is the big red slide!! Too, too, too fun!
We are so thankful for friends.  For them getting us out of the house.  For time to catch up and run, jump, and climb.
  These three (And their daddy/husband) are precious to us.  We understand each other on a level most people can't relate to.  Our boys have so much fun together.  See that big guy in the orange, he is a great big brother!  Leo isn't his real brother but he treats him like it.  Leo looks up to him and LOVES him.  Talks about him for days each time we are together.  Melts this mama's heart!  In the cold of this winter, which seems to be going on quite a long time, we are thankful for friends that make our hearts so full and warm!

Monday, March 3, 2014


My little guy loves anything with wheels.  or tracks.  or blades. basically anything that moves.  This is what he is up to this morning:

That red bin is usually full of anything with wheels.  This morning it is empty.  Each car, truck and bulldozer is in use.

They are strategically placed after lots of thought.

And the helicopter is flying in at just the right moment to save someone's day.

And some guys are on their way out of town.

And he's thrilled about all of it.

He's off to find more guys or trucks or something. I better go before we get the whole toy shelf moved into the kitchen. . . Oh to peek into his brain. . .