Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lots to say

So being that I have the next two days off of school I have a few lists of things I want to do (shocking, I know, that I would make lists). Being that I finished EVERYTHING on my have to get done Thursday list I figured that I could take some time and do some of the things on my would like to do list. I baked cookies, read a little, and then started doing something that I am getting kind of excited about. I am not sure how it is going to go but I am going to put it out there. For my birthday I got some really, really cool scrapbooking software and I can make all kinds of things on my computer now. I made things for our wedding like the save the date cards, table numbers, thank you cards, and welcome bag tags. I also played around with a couple baby announcements when some friends of mine had babies. The more I have been thinking the more I have been looking at doing Christmas cards. This is where all of you come in. . . I am thinking that it would be fun if I could make Christmas cards for some of you. I know it is October but if I start now it wouldn't be so crazy later. I took some pictures of Ryan and I and my family and made a few "mock-ups" that you could choose if you would like or I could make a custom one. All you would have to do would be email me a picture (or two or three) and pay me $10.00. I would then make up a Christmas card for you and email it to you to print at costco, target, wallyworld, wherever you can print pictures. I could do pretty much any size and you can tell me what you want it to say or I could be creative with it. Think about it, check out the samples below, and if you are interested email me at You could also tell your friends that you think might be interested :) Think about it and let me know. Here are the samples:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mel & Eric Teders

This weekend my friend Mel married the love of her life, Eric. I was blessed enough to be there the night they met and be in their wedding and celebrate with them. It was a beautiful wedding and we wish them many many many many years of happiness!

Mel and her dad

THE kissBuddies!

Mel and her nephew :)

My hubby and I