Wednesday, July 3, 2013


There is a sweet boy in my life who has an obsession.  He looks everywhere for them.  Points them out constantly.  Maybe even over uses the word.  


 Imagine his glee when we decided to do a photo shoot the afternoon before Auntie Kim's wedding. . .  He didn't wait for us.  He simply took off with one thing on his mind.


I knew he wouldn't look at the camera.  I didn't care.  All I wanted was to capture the preciousness that he is right now. . .  

Those baby blue eyes. . .   That reddish hair. . . The translucent skin. . .  

The funny leg kick he does when he is excited and running. .  .  (and his sweet buns that Auntie Katie would pinch in a heartbeat)

The inquisitive nature of wanting to know just how things work. . . 

The "papa pants" just like his dad used to wear. . . 

The thrill of a first tractor ride. . . 

And the innocence of 18 months. . .  

I'd say we captured just that. . . 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Too Long

It's been too long since we have been here.  We've said that before.  We have been busy:

We graduated from ECFE. 

We tried to watch Ryan run a 10k on his birthday (it got rained out). 

We visited the MN Zoo 

with Grammie and Papa  

We visited Como Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa 

We learned that our sweet Nannie is journeying home to Jesus. 

We spent time loving on Big Papa (by sharing mooching his donuts)

We watched Ryan run the re-run of the 10K (and by watched I mean sat in the trunk of the car and ate breakfast)

and cheered loudly as he finished despite the humidity and "challenging hills!"

We found a sand bottom pool to spend time in. 

And we helped Auntie Kim get married.


We have been busy enjoying each day and thanking God for his continued provision in our life!  If you would, please join us in praying for Nannie as she prepares to meet Jesus.  Pray for continued peace and freedom from pain.  We love her and trust that this is God's plan.  We are thankful that she will get to experience the joy that Heaven is and experience true and complete healing and restoration of her body.