Friday, December 21, 2012

Yep it's late. .. 11 Months

This guy is growing up sooo incredibly fast!  
 My sisters call him "little Ryan" and he totally is.  A little miniature version of his dad.  Tongue stuck out and all.  So funny!
 He loves to pull up on things and is beginning to walk along furniture.
 He has 6 teeth! and chews on EVERYTHING!
 And just like his dad, he likes to figure out how things work. . . 
 He sits and watches things until he understands how to work them. . . 
I don't have full stats but I do have weight- 20lb 11 oz - we went to the dr. to be diagnosed with croup and a week later put on our first round of antibiotics.   
Eating food
Praise Baby Videos
Nuks and Taggies
Empty water bottles
Figuring out how things work

Staying still
Getting into his carseat
Drinking from his bottle
Having his nose wiped

People comment all the time on how smiley and happy Leo is and we are so thankful for that!  He might give us a run for our money with sleeping sometimes but we wouldn't trade him for the world.  We are so thankful for his good growth and health!

Come See Me

The second weekend in December I had the opportunity to share my story with Katie's church in Iowa. Leo and my mom and I packed up and headed south on Thursday afternoon so we had plenty of time to hang out in Muscatine.  Ryan and my dad flew down Friday night so we had Papa's car which meant that Mollie could "watch a moofie" in the car.
 We hit up HyVee on Friday and got a really, really sweet cart where the kids could be racecar drivers. We also enjoyed some wine tasting :-)  Why wouldn't you?!
 We took the kids to see Gandalf  I mean Santa at the Muscatine Mall.
 And thoroughly enjoyed our time with this sweet cousin.
She is the queen of one liners including
"Come see me" to Leo with her arms outstretched like she was going to hold him
"See you guys"
"I so nice"
"Diiiiiik (dance) Gammie"

We are so thankful for our great family!  We love any chance we get to steal time in Muscatine!


This post and the following posts have been written about a thousand times in my head.  Just never on here.  My blog has too many pictures and rather than stop blogging I bit the bullet today and just upgraded.  I have too many words to share and obviously the pictures are the best part for everyone :-)

Thanksgiving.  Oh the wonder of Thanksgiving through these eyes:
 He has no clue.  He just knows that there was good food and good company.  Someday he will understand that we have so much to be thankful for.  So, so, so very much!
 Thankful for health.  Thankful for our marriage.  Thankful for him.  Thankful most of all for God and the way he has provided in the last year.  Thankful for the peace of God and his provision!!
 Thankful for quiet moments to stop what you are doing, drag him around in a little wagon and listen to him squeal.